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A look at the biggest commercial real estate stories in Atlanta would reveal a whole range of projects coming forth that cover everything from small commercial developments to entire luxury resorts. There’s also plenty of buzz around the recent interest Amazon had in moving to Atlanta due to its numerous desirable properties. Naturally, this has led to an increase in the amount of interest many major corporations around the world now have in the potential benefits that could be provided by doing business in Atlanta today.


Buckhead, in particular, has seen a recent new development within its borders. This new development is a mixed-use project that will bring Atlanta a series of new high-end condos alongside an attractive list of restaurants. The result will be a revitalization of the neighborhood and the surrounding economy, just as there has been in many places across Atlanta. Other neighborhoods around the Beltline have also seen exceptional growth that is serving as a driving force behind economic development in Atlanta.


Developers report that there are plenty of underserved markets in Atlanta, and this presents a lot of opportunities for developers that are looking to benefit from Atlanta’s impressive growth in recent years. This is why many well-known corporations are now making the transition towards a more significant presence in the Atlanta area. Microsoft, Tesla, and many other companies you would instantly recognize are identifying Atlanta as a prime location to set up shop. That’s why Microsoft just took a massive amount of space right in Midtown. The significant expansion of their operations in Atlanta would seem to indicate they expect this growth will very likely continue well into the future.


These aren’t just all minor rental agreements and the like either. One company has made a $570 million investment in Atlanta to establish their headquarters in this region. Norfolk Southern Corp. has bet big that Atlanta will prove to be a goldmine of economic activity going into the future. This prediction is well supported too, since this company alone will help as many as 3,000 employees in Atlanta for the foreseeable future. It is major commitments like these being made by some of the biggest names in business that are really shaking up the Atlanta real estate scene today. These projects, combined with numerous transformational suburban projects downtown, are irreversibly changing the real estate landscape and positioning Atlanta as the place to be going into the new year.