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The Importance of Trust In Real Estate

The real estate industry is a people business. No matter what anyone tells you otherwise, buyers are working with agents, lawyers, contractors, property managers, renters, and a multitude of other real estate stakeholders.

What You Should Do If Your Rent Goes Up

Rent is the biggest expense in most household budgets, and when it goes up unexpectedly, it can break the bank. Rate hikes aren’t usually illegal, and for landlords to keep pace with ever-increasing expenses, they’re even necessary, but what should renters do when they can no longer afford their current space?

The Minimalist Design Trend

Minimalism is taking the world by storm. While this concept isn’t a new one, minimalism is certainly quite popular among millennials. Compared to the baby boomers, millennials have to constantly do more with less.

The Best Time To Buy A House

If you were to ask a real estate agent about the best time to buy a home, they would probably tell you “right now.” After all, prices are about to go up, so you should act while homes are still relatively affordable. A good salesperson might be able to make that sound convincing, but the truth is that prices are always “about to go up,” so you cannot always trust that notion.

Joining A Real Estate Team

Getting a real estate license isn’t that difficult, but the majority of agents don’t make it past the five-year mark. One factor that can influence the outcome is the decision whether to work with a real estate team. Saying yes or no doesn’t guarantee success, but making the right decision based on what you want can influence the success rate in a positive way. Here is what you need to know before joining a real estate team.

Tips For Marketing Real Estate

When you have a listing that needs to be marketed unfortunately buyers don’t just come rushing towards your property as soon as you put up the “for sale, for rent, etc” sign. In order to be successful you have to generate leads and to do this you must have a solid...

Commercial Real Estate vs. Residential Real Estate

Unless you have taken real estate schooling, bought an extensive amount of real estate or closely know an agent or broker, you probably don’t understand the differences between commercial and residential real estate. While the occupations share similarities, they are...

International Council Of Shopping Centers

Being involved in real estate it is extremely important to keep up with real estate trends, network, as well as stay involved in the field. Being a member of an association is a great way to do this and has immense benefits for your career. For commercial real estate...

Welcome Back from the ICSC RECON 2017

Welcome back from the ICSC RECON 2017 – now that you are back to your desk is the most critical part of show – the art of follow up.  This is where you justify the expensive flight, room and $48 drinks.  Executing a solid follow up plan is where you make...


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