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When businesses like Microsoft and Google come to the district that is a surefire sign that this is a booming office market. This is exactly what people are witnessing when they look at what is happening in Detroit. The Little Caesar Arena building is just a small fraction of all of the excitement that is coming to the downtown business district.


A lot of companies like Microsoft, Linksys and Google are setting up shop in buildings in Detroit, and that is making it possible for this real estate industry to gain even more exposure. There are a large number of people that are looking at the influx of traffic that is making up the business in Detroit. It is a city that was once known largely for music and automotive manufacturers. This time around Detroit is gaining ground as a real estate Mecca in the business world with technology. There are new buildings on Woodward Avenue where lawyers and other business professionals are also leasing offices. There are additional offices on Elizabeth Street that are getting attention as well.


When this type of growth happens there will be more business leaders that are ready to follow in this direction. The fact that big juggernaut companies like Google have been able to open offices in Detroit is big. It is something that signifies that there is more growth on the way. It is rather easy to see how the economy has a chance to grow. These businesses can become the start of a much bigger movement that involves more job opportunities. Once more of these buildings become occupied it will become easier to see how more jobs will come into place.


Detroit has many buildings that have already been in place, but the district is seeing even more growth as new building designs are becoming part of the makeup for Detroit. There are going to be more opportunities for this city to thrive as it gets more big name companies that are finding sufficient office space in Detroit. The downtown area of Detroit is seeing other giants like IBM join the mix. The Ally Detroit Center and the Little Caesars Arena are bringing a wide variety of office occupants into Detroit.