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New businesses or businesses looking to change locations need to consider a plethora of factors. A location needs to be visible to customers, near quality workers, have the necessary features and be an overall good fit for an individual organization. Most importantly, it needs to be conducive to employee productivity. When searching for a new space or looking to renovate an existing one, here are some ways companies can find an office that will work for them.


Consider Company Culture

Not every office space is going to be ideal for every organization. Some companies may thrive off shared, open work spaces that allow team members to collaborate easily. Others may find such an arrangement distracting for their needs and prefer a more segmented workspace. This is easier to determine for existing companies, which will already have a good idea of what their culture is like. Executives can also ask their employees what their preferences would be for a new workspace. New companies need to consider what kind of culture they want to have and then choose a workspace based off of that.


Look For Natural Light

While businesses can rearrange office spaces in many ways, some features are more difficult to change without significant renovations. Further, renovations might not be an option for a business that is renting its office space. This is why it is especially important to look for an office space with lots of natural light. Natural light is easier on the eyes and boosts mood, which equals better health and productivity. It also saves companies money because they won’t need to use electric lights as much.


Room For Breaks And Exercise

Taking regular breaks and doing light exercise throughout the day has been shown to boost employee productivity. An office space can be conducive to this by providing space for employees to get up, move around and get away from their work for a few minutes at a time. Location next to a small park or walking trails can also encourage employees to refresh themselves throughout the day through exercise. Living a sedentary lifestyle has significant health risks and unwell employees are not going to be as productive.


The right office space can actually improve productivity rather than have no effect on it or hinder it. Companies should realize this and plan their office layouts and features accordingly.