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Closing on your dream house can be a great moment. This time can become very stressful, however, when certain pitfalls change your situation. It is a good idea to check some things before you close on the home.


Property Lien Checks


Liens are rare, but they do happen more often than one might think. There are properties that are up for sale, but potential home buyers may find themselves highly disappointed in discovering that the property that they want to buy so desperately has a lien on it. This is something that should be checked beforehand. It is a good idea to do some investigative research to make sure that this is not a piece of property that cannot be sold due to a lien.


Errors in Documentation


Make sure that the names and all other important information has been spelled correctly on the documents. Lawyers are not going to be able to close on the house when there are errors in the cost of the home or the names of the sellers or buyers. It is also impossible to get documentation for taxes and ownership of the home at probate offices when the names do not match up. It is vital to check and make sure that the names have been spelled correctly in order to process the paperwork in a timely manner.


Final Walk Through


There are sellers that show you a home in one light for a viewing only to pull items out of the home and unveil a home that looks different from the one you put on a offer on. This is why the final walk through is so important. Don’t be afraid to stop the deal and ask when something looks out of place. It is a good idea to get everything in writing to find out exactly what is included in concerns to appliances, furniture and anything else that has drawn you to the home.


Look for anything that may have been hidden behind rugs, appliances or decorations that may have covered up holes, cracks or bigger issues that require repairs. Don’t buy a nightmare of what originally looked like a dream before the sellers moved their items out of the home.