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Being involved in real estate it is extremely important to keep up with real estate trends, network, as well as stay involved in the field. Being a member of an association is a great way to do this and has immense benefits for your career. For commercial real estate agents, joining an association like The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) can be a huge gamechanger for your career and help you with success by being the first to hear big industry news and being invited to conferences and events.

About ICSC

ICSC’s purpose is to advance the shopping center industry and promote its role in the commercial distribution of consumer goods and services. They do this by holding meetings and programs for industry leaders to be able to share their ideas as well as collecting data and statistics about the shopping center industry and sharing it with members. ICSC provides educational materials on the shopping center industry in all areas from finance to marketing to management. They also develop and distribute certificates to make sure that high standards are kept for the shopping center industry as well as advocate for shopping centers in general in local, state, federal, and international governments.

ICSC Events and Awards

ICSC holds many events for its members to grow and learn in the shopping center industry. They have conferences, webinars, and showcases on a variety of topics. From sustainability to laws, there is a lot to learn and ICSC makes it easier for members to get access to that information and be as informed as possible.

ICSC also honors outstanding members in the industry with awards for professional achievement in the categories of marketing, design and development, and innovation, among others. This program is not only great to recognize shopping centers but also bring news, press, and awareness about the shopping centers that win.


Another great perk of being a member of an organization is all of the publications and materials that they send to keep you on top of the latest news in the industry. ICSC sends out a weekly newsletter every Friday giving a briefing of all of the latest news in the retail real estate industry. They also produce a monthly magazine, Shopping Centers Today, which is the top magazine in in the shopping center industry, featuring articles about the latest news, best practices, and advice.

Joining an association is a great move for anyone in the real estate industry in general. You will not only receive many perks like latest news in the industry and attending events and conference, but also will be seen as more credible in the eyes of your buyers and sellers when they see you are part of an established and esteemed association and are taking the steps to know everything you can about an industry.