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“Trust and honesty is an investment you put in people.”

– Rachel Joy Scott

The real estate industry is a people business. No matter what anyone tells you otherwise, buyers are working with agents, lawyers, contractors, property managers, renters, and a multitude of other real estate stakeholders. The simple fact is that trust goes a long way in terms of real estate.

Clients That Trust Their Agents Give Them Repeat Business

The ability to create and maintain a high level of trust is a valuable skill for an agent or broker. Just like how your best friend will check up on you time to time no matter how long it been since the last time you two talked, clients who believe in their agent will come back for more business.

This advice is not just anecdotal. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, the average realtor will receive 14 percent of all business from repeat clients and 18 percent from business referrals. This is a large percentage of all total business for an agent.

Further, the 2017 NAR homebuyer and seller profile found that trust and honesty are the most important factors for buyers when choosing which agent to work with. The report found that trust was a more important factor than the experience and reputation of the agent. In fact, home buyers chose agents they trusted nearly double as often as agents who are family members.

Clients Look To The Internet For Reviews

In the age of information, no client facing industry is safe from the online review. Real estate is no exception to this rule.

The level that clients trust agents reflect their online reviews. There is a multitude of different ways a buyer can write a review about an agent or any other real estate stakeholder. Websites such as Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Yelp, and even Google make writing reviews about businesses dead simple to do. Reports found that over 60 percent of buyers google their agent before doing business with them.

This information age trend is here to stay, and this trend may even exponentially increase. It is important, now more than ever, to sharpen up your ability to get a positive review online. Trust is a big factor in real estate.