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Minimalism is taking the world by storm. While this concept isn’t a new one, minimalism is certainly quite popular among millennials.

Compared to the baby boomers, millennials have to constantly do more with less. With minimalism, millennials can make the most of what they have without living in excess. Curious as to how to live minimally? Read on.

Minimalism Isn’t About Giving Up Everything

While minimalism may be appealing to some, it can intimidate others. This concept of “living with less” may confuse people into thinking that they have to get rid of all of their belongings. This, however, is untrue.

Minimalism is about clearing out one’s life of anything unnecessary. That being said, there is no one-size-fits-all form of minimalism; it is up to the person to take their own minimalism to whatever extent they want.

Minimalism Shows Us That There’s More to Life Than “Stuff”

Minimalism actively works against consumerism. Instead of buying into the idea that one should own certain things or keep purchasing what everyone else has, minimalism teaches that it’s okay to live within one’s means. Followers of minimalism learn to embrace what they have and know that they don’t need to want everything.

Learn to Set Your Fears Aside with Minimalism

One of the main reasons people hold on to so many things is due to the fact that they’re afraid to let go. With minimalism, followers are encouraged to only hold onto items that they use on a near everyday basis. Goods that are used only a handful of times every year should be donated or sold.

While it can be scary to let these things go, there are always other solutions available if one needs to use a particular product in the future. Consider borrowing or renting these items when the time comes.

Use Minimalism to Add Value to the Things in Your Life

It isn’t difficult to take certain things for granted. When practicing minimalism, it’s easier to see the value in what one already has. Instead of chasing after the latest technologies or trends, minimalism teaches to be content with the way things are in the moment.

Minimalism may begin as design trend, but it is really the start of a lifestyle transformation. Keep these five truths in mind when pursuing minimalism.