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Welcome back from the ICSC RECON 2017 – now that you are back to your desk is the most critical part of show – the art of follow up.  This is where you justify the expensive flight, room and $48 drinks.  Executing a solid follow up plan is where you make the capitalize on your exhausting business development mission.

Organize your notes and pile of scribbled on business cards.  

Go through them one by one and recall the details you were able to ascertain in your brief Vegas meeting. Identify your thoughts and ideas on how to do business with this contact in next 12 months.


  • Make a list of Grade A,B,C and F prospects:
    • A = you see immediate opportunity
    • B = near future opportunity call monthly
    • C= core client to call once a quarter
    • F= Fired – this is not someone you want to waste your time on.

Call each person on your list side very other day until you reach them and have a conversation.

Remember they too just got back to their desk from 4-5 days in Vegas, I suggest waiting a week to start calling.  Use whatever you discussed in Vegas as your lead in and then start probing and asking questions to help you discover other possible opportunities and add the details to your database.


  • Ask open ended questions to get the prospect talking.  You listen and look for windows of opportunity.
  • Once you connect and have your call send a follow up email that same day thanking them for their time and confirm any future actions planned.
  • make sure you follow up and do what you say you will do when you say you will.
  • snail mail: make sure the client gets a few pieces from you during the year.  A hand written note with an article about their property, holiday card, if you know Birthday a birthday card. If you drive by there property take a pix and email it to them especially if it looks great and tell them it looked phenomenal.

ICSC RECON 2018 – start planning now to raise the level for next year.  

Block it out on your calendar now.  Book flights and rooms to save.

I always tell my junior agents that RECON or the local/regional events are what you make of them. Consistently planning, executing and following up at a level that very few are willing to do will set you apart.  The guys that come back from Vegas saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” were on vacation not business developing at a high level. Have fun but remember what the ultimate purpose is.

Please if you have any questions or what to discuss how to strategically grow your pipeline through the art of follow up or any business development please reach out.